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BBCC members at Yamba Crits.

There was a good turnout of BBCC members for the Yamba CC Criterium racing this morning (Sun 22/1).

Here's a recap by Gratian's Punch:

GIANLUCA MORINI won c/d grade for the day (I think he won race 1 and was second in race 2… he looked to be in top 3 of each prime sprint).

GEORGE BLOOR (our youngest member) made a strong show of the c/d grade races and was in the mix for each of the prims. He's getting stronger every week, and was the second fastest junior to a YCC local.

MARTIN BLOOR had a good break in race two of the A/B and looked good for the win. Unfortunately, his breakaway pairing didn't quite work in the end.

We are sure that Gratian pushed hard in each of his two races also, but he humbly left himself out of this blurb.

Congratulations to everyone from BBCC that made the effort to travel and support our neighbours at Yamba today.

See you at the BBCC Crit on the 5/2!!

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